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Service Audits and Certification Registration

Regular inspections such as QEI (in the USA) and Safe to Operate (in Australia) are important in governing the proper operation of lifts, escalators, moving walks and the like. PandA consultants have the qualifications, expertise and experience to carry out Service Audits and provide detailed reports to clients. As Risk Management becomes an ever increasing burden on plant owners, PandA consultants will perform Hazard and Risk Audits on request, identify areas of concern and in conjunction with plant owners, prepare programmes to address any issues that may be identified.

Introducing a new service . . . .

Our TECHNICAL RESPONSE SERVICE (TRS) can provide interpretations on:

•AS1735; EN81; A17; ISO and other Codes

•National Construction Code (BCA)

•Access to Building Standard

•Work Health & Safety (WHS) Act & Regulations.


TRS is a "fee for service" operation and the information

received will more than compensate the outlay.

For information about TRS contact us via the

"Contact" page.

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